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Schneider Electric Ltd - Energy savings made simple for lighting

Lubio lighting control systems from Merlin Gerin, a Brand of Schneider Electric offer savings of between 20 and 40% in Electricity costs associated with general lighting. Lubio with its proven technology, gives the end user reduced costs from energy to reduced maintenance.
Lighting today accounts for 20% of all electricity in the UK; and with the new building regulations part L in force, emphasis is focused on improving the efficacy of lighting systems.
In a recent study that had 14 masts fitted with 440W high voltage sodium lamps, Lubio was tested by fitting one of the feeders to the site with Lubio and leaving the other with just an energy and hours-run meter. After 12 months Lubio showed an impressive 34% power saving and almost £1,000 reduction in energy costs.
Lubio is suitable for internal and external lighting, for commercial and industrial applications. It is compatible with high and low pressure sodium, mercury vapour high pressure, florescent low pressure lamps, compact, and T8 and T12 low pressure lamps.
With Lubio, reductions in energy costs are only part of the savings. Implementation of Lubio reduces lighting costs without compromising safety, and with uniform and secure lighting on a whole network. Monitoring and targeting for specific lighting circuits enables the management of everything thatís measured. Reduced energy flow also means that consumables, such as lamps, need less frequent replacement and can add significant savings in the maintenance of commercial and industrial lighting infrastructures. Lubio can reduce carbon footprints and control light pollution.
Lubio comes in two powers, 3 and 6kVA, and three versions. Lubio VRI (Information Regulation Variation) carries out the functions of voltage regulation and division, plus switching on or off lighting circuits, plus the measurement of energy and other variables - storing the data onboard.
Lubio VR (Regulation Variation) carries out the functions of voltage regulation and division, plus switching on and off lighting circuits.
Lubio Slave, is always connected to the Lubio VRI or VR in order to supply a 3-phase network or increase the power available on a single-phase network.
As a result of its innovative approach to energy savings, Lubio was shortlisted for the Energy Efficiency Product of the Year award at the Electrical Industry Awards held in September.


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