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Bovis Lend Lease UK - Responds to the threat of Climate Change

Leading construction company, Bovis Lend Lease UK, unveiled a set of industry-first targets today that will fundamentally revolutionise its approach to sustainability.

The company has identified five priority areas that will make a positive impact on the environment and minimise the impact of building and construction on planet resources and climate change:

· Waste – Reduce construction waste to landfill by 70% (based on 2007 baseline) by the end of 2010
· Carbon Management – Reduce company carbon emissions by 20% (based on 2008 baseline) by the end of 2010

Design - All new build projects and major refurbishments of £5million or more in contract value achieve a minimum BREEAM Very Good rating or equivalent and where our client's aspiration meets our own aspiration of BREEAM Excellent or equivalent, we will deliver this rating by 2010
· Materials – By the end of 2010 the procurement of key construction materials will be certified to a BLL sustainability standard
· Community - Helping 3,000 people into work by the end of 2010

A recent UN study [1] recognised that the built environment through construction and poor building performance contributes up to 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions and accounts for 1/3 of all natural resource use. By developing key areas of focus Bovis Lend Lease is not only recognising what this means for the construction industry but is also making its first step into becoming a transparent, accountable and sustainable company.

The issues led programme will form part of a challenging sustainability strategy, supported by the aspirational objectives of parent company, Lend Lease, and will be used along with key performance indicators to measure and improve performance on all project sites and offices. The company has set a number of key milestones for each of the targets over the next three years in order to ensure a planned approach to achieving these objectives.

The five targets have been identified in areas that could potentially make the most difference to the business’ performance. The company’s supply chain has already been engaged through its accreditation scheme Building Confidence[2] which incorporates social and environmental criteria. We fully expect them to support this approach to sustainability through to 2010 and beyond.

In addition to this, significant progress has already been made in each of the target areas.

· Bovis Lend Lease is working with the Carbon Trust to establish a Carbon Management Programme with subsequent action to achieve a 20% reduction in CO2 by the end of 2010
· In materials, Bovis Lend Lease has a timber policy to specify FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) timber and wood products and has set up procurement guidance, training and monitoring systems to support this. It also reports on its annual timber to the Forest Trade Network run by the WWF. Bovis Lend Lease see this as a model for how it can tackle other key materials such as stone and cement
· Bovis Lend Lease has established a cross-business sustainable design action group with a three year work programme. For many of its projects it delivers either a very good or excellent rating, but the upskilling and training of its people and suppliers, together with client education are key areas of focus for the group
· Bovis Lend Lease is developing a strategy to roll out our Award Winning NoWaste programme nationally. We are advancing development of site waste management plans and Zero Net Waste as key tools to deliver a 70% reduction in construction land filled waste by 2010
· 10,000 people over the last decade have been placed in employment and the company wishes to continue this success working within the communities it operates

Dr. Paul Toyne, Head of Sustainability, Bovis Lend Lease UK said, “Last year sustainability was recognised as one of the guiding principles of the business and it is now one of the foundations around which we build our success and stake our reputation as a leading construction company.

“We believe that we are the first UK construction company to make a commitments of this kind in these important areas, and we believe we are setting the right standards for the construction industry.

We must all improve our performance and help restore the state of the planet. The announcement of these targets is the start of that journey for us.“


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